pricing & contracts, sales and marketing, Medical Affairs - commercialization

Core Areas

Archis is well connected with the best in the industry which enables us to get access to wider geographies to expand our business.

Commercial Operations

  • Archis Pharma LLC has experienced and specialized staff to handle key areas, including pricing & contracts, sales and marketing, Medical Affairs etc.
  • Create Tactical global commercial planning across all facets of commercial operations.
  • Conduct State of the Art forecasting using Analytics and create strategic launch plans.
  • Managing wholesaler and GPO rebates, chargebacks, service fees, Medicaid rebates, return goods credit etc.
  • Well established global supply chain.

Trade Relations

  • Well established relations with all major wholesalers, and retail chains
  • Working relationships with all major GPOs.
  • Established relationships with Hospital chains and health care facilities

Market Access and Reimbursements