Advantages of Flexible and Robust Isolator technology with Robotic system

The RK Pharma Advantage

RK Pharma Inc. manufactures sterile liquid (in vials and syringes), Ophthalmic and Dry Powder using Isolator technology minimizing direct human intervention combined with automated robotic arms for filling system and in-built SKADA system to generate electronic batch record. The Isolators are designed to handle High Potent Drug Products.”

Advantages of Flexible and Robust Isolator technology with Robotic system:

  • Single use disposable fluid path
  • In-line, nondestructive 100% weight checkers
  • In-line, nondestructive 100% container closure leak tester
  • In-line, non-viable and viable particle counting sensors
  • In-line camera system to identify cosmetic defects of the vials
  • In-built software to print Electronic Batch Record at the end of the filling run
  • Bag In – Bag Out HEPA filters on exhaust and external vial washer to handle High Potent Drug products
  • Robotic lid and liner removal and de-nester
  • Robotic arm using servo motors for moving vials from conveyor belts to filling, stoppering, and crimping station
  • Dynamic porting isolator to introduce ready to use vials, stoppers and seals through RTP
  • Minimized API loss and capable of overlaying Nitrogen gas